McKenna uses fan input to design pads for 2018-19

He ranks in the Top-10 in American Hockey League history in wins (223) and shutouts (27). He’s led teams to back-to-back Calder Cup final appearances. He’s played 24 games in the NHL.

But ahead of the 2018-19, newly signed goaltender Mike McKenna added something different to his resume, albeit an off the ice addition. Goalies are always known to have a creative side shown through their elaborate designs for their helmets and pads but this time McKenna sought the input of others.

Through his Twitter account, McKenna asked fans to help design his new Bauer Supreme 2S Pro Senator pads for the 2018-19 season.

“I thought it would be a fun way to interact with the fans and hopefully let them feel connected in some way to this year’s gear setup,” McKenna said.

The results were quite astonishing. Within the span of two tweets on July 7, more than 200 differing designs were submitted by fans across the world with more coming in the ensuing weeks as McKenna continued to offer his opinion on the submissions and engage in conversation with fans.

“I expected to get submissions from the usual ‘goalie geek’ crowd, which did happen, but what was really cool was how Senators fans rallied and got involved,” McKenna said. “There were some great designs and suggestions that incorporated a lot of Sens history and iconic images.”

While a number of designs caught McKenna’s eye, it was those of Anton Ostaptchouk that drew the most inspiration in the design of his Supreme 2S Pro pads.

“The winning design is everything I like,” McKenna said. “It’s clean, crisp, bold and symmetrical. It was also something we knew Bauer could take to the next level with some modern touches that reflect the innovative features of the Supreme 2s product line.”

About the Bauer Supreme 2S Pro Pads

With 83 percent better puck impact, 68 percent better tensile strength and 57 percent better skate cut resistance, the Bauer Supreme 2S Pro Pads are three times more durable overall. And with C.O.R.T.E.C.H ST skin, exclusive to BAUER gear, you’ll have a hard time finding a lighter, better sliding, faster rebounding pad. Supreme pads feature a single break below the knee with a stiff, fused boot for goalies who like technical and precise movements.

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