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Belleville Sens bolster Analytics and Data Department

December 29, 2021

As the American Hockey League season moves into the new year, the Belleville Senators have added an extra set of hands to their Analytics and Data Department, to help give them an edge in the push towards the Calder Cup Playoffs.

Max Abrahams has joined the team on a volunteer basis, as a Video Coordinator/Hockey Data Analyst for the remainder of the 2021-22 season. The 20-year-old Toronto native, will join Video Coach Fred Lemay to help share the load of analytics work, which has become a cornerstone of success for many pro hockey clubs recently.

“The way the game has gone with analytics, most NHL teams have second or third video coaches, so when we had the opportunity to add someone that can help Fred with the video, we took it,” said Belleville Sens Head Coach Troy Mann. “Sometimes with Fred doing a lot of the team services, we don’t want to miss anything, so I think it’s good for the organization to have an extra set of eyes and hands.”

Lemay echoed that sentiment and said along with the help, he’s looking forward to giving Abrahams some experience in the AHL, like he had at the start of his career in Hamilton.

“He’ll be helping out with pre-scouts, data analytics on our upcoming opponents and lots of video breakdowns,” said Lemay. “While we do have a great data partnership with Sportlogiq, it’s always good to do our own stats in house and Max will be a big help in that department.”

“Sportlogiq does a great job with macro stats, but when you get into it you kind of have to analyze them a little bit more to see how it affects our team specifically, and our opponents,” said Abrahams. “I’d be looking at things like turnover rates, or expected goals vs actual goals, or how well our breakout or zone entries are doing. It could be any facet of the game.”

Abrahams added that he’s hoping to parlay the experience into a greater role in hockey management, once he finishes his Poly-Science and Economics undergraduate studies at the University of Toronto, where he’s also assisting the Varsity Blues staff through their season.

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