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Season Seat Member Spotlight: Pathways to Independence

June 13, 2023

The Belleville Senators are always proud to support locally based organizations that make a difference in the Bay of Quinte Region.

One of those organizations is Pathways to Independence, a not-for-profit agency providing assisted community living services and support to people with acquired brain injuries (ABI) or developmental disabilities. 

For Ron, Anna, Norm and Shane, participants with Pathways to Independence, attending home games is an opportunity to make meaningful connections in their community and make decisions about how they will spend their free time, which speaks to how they gain greater autonomy through Pathways to Independence.

Lynne Spratta Recreation Program Facilitator with Pathways to Independence, says the organization and its clients appreciate the inclusive and friendly environment the Senators’ organization have created with their programming and in-game experiences at CAA Arena. She took some time to assist Ron, Anna, Norm, and Shane in sharing their thoughts on what they value most about the hockey club.

What does the Belleville Sens mean to our organization?

The Belleville Senators give Pathways a meaningful event to offer to our clientele. The Senators games are a place where our clientele can have a natural environment where they are accepted and share common interests with others. The staff and hockey club as a whole have been great partners to work with and are always striving to support our clientele. The connection and community inclusiveness meet our organization’s goal for completely immersing people in their community.

How have Ron, Anna Norm and Shane enjoyed their experiences at the game while making meaningful connections with the staff and fans?

These four individuals will rarely miss a game. They put this opportunity at their highest priority to attend. The experience of attending is above all the one event that they feel fully connected to their community and aside from seeing old friends and family while at the game, they also feel valued and accepted with their shared excitement of the game. 

How important is having a family-friendly event to attend throughout the winter?

In the long winter months, there is little that people have to do that is for everyone. It doesn’t matter your ability or disability. Everyone can attend and get the same experience. This is so important to have memories to share that don’t discriminate between age, abilities, culture, or gender. This gives all families an exciting opportunity to attend regularly without breaking the bank.

What advice would you give someone considering purchasing tickets?

Firstly, I would suggest they purchase a flex pack so they can take different people and not have the commitment of every game. Second, I would let people know that whether they like sports or not, it’s still a great time. There is more than just the game to entertain them—lots of in-between periods fun, and fun activities to be involved in. 

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