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Season Seat Member Spotlight: Shari Elson O’Garr

June 28, 2023

In our latest Season Seat Member Spotlight, Shari Elson O’Garr took some time to share her thoughts on the experiences she has come to routinely enjoy at CAA Arena. 

As the Belleville Senators continually look to shine a light on their loyal fans. It is not hard to see why Shari is revered amongst the stalwart supporters of the organization. Ever since the arrival of the franchise, she has often shown her dedication to the hockey club, driving from Stirling, Ontario, to attend games along with her sister Jane. They both enjoy sharing fond memories while taking in the family-friendly atmosphere created by the franchise and fan base. 

What has been your favourite experience as Belleville Senators Season Ticket member? 

Hard to say what my favourite experience has been – I like getting to know the boys’ first names so I can root for them personally when they’re making a great play, I like the action, and the response of the crowd. I like getting to know the other season’s ticket holders around us although I expect I deafen them when I cheer. I like seeing the little kids playing during the intermissions and I love watching the goalies making incredible saves. 

What do the Belleville Senators mean to you? 

My sister Jane and I have been Season’s ticket holders since the first opening faceoff so as long as the Belleville Senators have been here so have, we. They have had good games and bad throughout the years here and they give me a team to care about and cheer for. Every year is a new chance to watch their progress. 

What advice would you give to someone considering purchasing season tickets? 

I would say “go for it!” to anyone considering a season ticket membership. There’s a lot of camaraderie, discounts on merchandise, and special promotions, like the chance we had to go to Winnipeg last winter to cheer on our team! 

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